Saturday, October 25, 2014

Open Medicine

  Open Medicine is one of the medical open-access journals published with the support of University of Ottawa. The journal exists since 2007 with the mission to facilitate the global dissemination of high-quality health research. In an interview on Vancouver Observer in 2011 with Palepu, one of the founders, she describes Open Medicine’s uniqueness like this:
“If you’re sick, try finding information that’s high quality. A traditional media story about a medical study will tell you what the journalist and the researcher thinks. With an Open Medicine article or any open-access journal article, you can go back to the original study and take a look. It’s empowering, it’s giving the information back to the people who largely paid for it. That’s very powerful.”
Open Medicine is the only general medical journal based in Canada.  Its articles are available for anyone to read and distribute.

As an author, publishing your work in Open Medicine gives your work more viability, makes you retain the ownership and copyright of your work, and allows your work be immediately indexed in PubMed and many other benefits.

A lot of Canadian authors are now publishing in open-access journals, it is now your opportunity to join them.

To find more open-access journals in other disciplines supported by University of Ottawa go to

This blog post is an assignment for ISI 5701 “Information and Society” of School of Information Science, University of Ottawa, for the week of open-access 2014.

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